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Mum self-care

Being a mum without a mum

This blog is for all those mums-to-be who have lost someone close to them, someone they relied on or looked forward to sharing new baby moments with. I rarely discuss it but I lost my mum to cancer when I was 14. Although this was a tough time, kids are super resilient (as I mentioned …


Postpartum hair loss!

I’ve never had the thickest of hair, however during pregnancy it became lustrous and lovely. Downside – it wasn’t going to stay that way! Just when I thought I’d avoided it, my baby hit the 3 month mark and bam! My hair just began to fall out in clumps… According to this is known …

Becoming mum

From Pregnant to Parent

… what I know now that I didn’t know then During pregnancy I read all the ‘childbirth’ and ‘pregnancy’ books going and I knew far more about the labour and pushing a baby into the world than how to actually care for it for the next 18 years! When baby did arrive many of my …

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