Mum's yums

Perfect lemon drizzle cake!

My latest cake endeavour was the simplest yet yummiest recipe from my old faithful recipe website, BBC Good Food. Somehow I made it to 31 having never made a lemon drizzle cake (though I have eaten plenty!) I was a little nervous to make this after my disastrous presentation following cake-tin-stickage with a previous vanilla …


Why is breastmilk blue?!

Yes, you read that right! Breastmilk is blue! I’m not talking full-on Thomas the Tank Engine blue but more a subtle tint or hint of it in an otherwise white-ish cream. (Though that wouldn’t have made a very exciting title!) The colour stages of breastmilk Gold – Soon after (and sometimes before) baby is born …

Mum self-care

Being a mum without a mum

This blog is for all those mums-to-be who have lost someone close to them, someone they relied on or looked forward to sharing new baby moments with. I rarely discuss it but I lost my mum to cancer when I was 14. Although this was a tough time, kids are super resilient (as I mentioned …

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