How magical is a snow day?! And they are becoming rarer and rarer too. So to wake up this morning to a blanket of snow across East Cambridgeshire was a huge delight! We wanted to share the snowy experience with our 9 month old little boy.

Here are a few things we did:

The window peek

Eyes full of wonder!

So simple! Once Isaac had woken (after a lovely lie in for a change!) we got him interested by lifting him up to see out of our bedroom window. He was so fascinated by all the white and confused too as it fell as a flurry from the sky. This was a great chance to capture him waving outside at it on camera!

A trip outside

After breakfast the snow had already begun to melt and the flurry had slowed so needed to act quick to get Isaac outside!

“We’re walking in the air…”

Unfortunately (given how infrequently we get snow!) we don’t have a snowsuit for him. We decided to wrap him up in a long sleeved vest, a jumper, jogging bottoms, his waterproof coat and a cosy hat. On his feet we used a pair of socks and some winter slipper socks which have an almost shoe-like layer on the bottom. Were Isaac a little older we would have had him in wellies. Alternatively (as my clever sister-in-law suggested), you could use small plastic bags tied over socks to keep feet from getting wet and cold. We also used 2 pairs of socks on Isaac’s hands as we don’t yet have gloves. He looked a sight but wasn’t at all fussed!

As Isaac wasn’t perfectly prepared for the snow, we didn’t stay out long. However, while outside we made sure he:

  • Experienced the sound and texture of snow, crunching his feet as he walked across it with support
  • Felt the temperature by running his (mittened) hands across a clump his dad had scooped up
  • Experienced all the sights, looking up into the sky and all around the garden. He was so fascinated by the snow and the white that he didn’t once look at the camera for a photo!

Other activities

Our snow didn’t stick around for long and (as is typical here) it soon turned into heavy rain. However, had it stayed dry, I would have taken Isaac out in the pushchair for a wintry walk and shown him how the snow looked on trees and cars and the footprints left by people, dogs, cats and birds.

Another activity with older children could be to make snow angels (if appropriately dressed!) or of course to make a snowman.

Even older children might benefit from a little science experiment – bring in a large bowl of snow and estimate how long it will take to melt!

So much fun can be had with a little snow and the rarity of it makes it all the more exciting. I hope you enjoyed reading about our very minimal snow adventures today and seeing the photos! If you have any awesome snow-day activities of your own please comment below!