I love a massage but, before having Isaac, I never truly understood the benefits of baby massage – now I know that there are loads!

Before lockdown due to covid19, I planned to take Isaac for massage classes. Since that has not been possible, I sought advice from my lovely aquanatal teacher as well as purchasing a short course of online lessons.

It really is simple to do yourself and both you and baby will get so much joy out of it. Ensure you have a warm room and a blanket and have them dressed only in a nappy. You then only need some baby friendly oil (that will not cause harm if baby puts their hands in their mouth). I have previously been recommended Naissance sweet almond oil. However, I personally use Aveeno baby moisturising lotion as it is very kind to Isaac’s sensitive skin.

Here are some of the benefits I have noticed from massaging Isaac:

  • Bonding between parent and baby
  • Relaxing for baby
  • Relief from colic, constipation and congestion depending on the body area you are focusing on
  • Giving baby body confidence and awareness (Isaac ‘found’ his hands and feet quickly during early massage sessions)

Baby centre goes into many more reasons why it is worth massaging your baby so take a look!