My baby is now approaching 8 months – 8 months?!. Where that time has gone I have no idea! As time is rushing by, I thought I would make a note of all his little quirks and tentatively ask: Is my baby the only one with these bizarre behaviours?!

I have also separated his little behaviours into 2 age categories, before and after 6 months.

Before 6 months

Leg slamming

My baby’s favourite night time game from around 3 to 6 months? Leg slamming. And I don’t just mean a little fidget to get comfortable. Oh no! I mean a full on, shake the cot, wake mummy and daddy, dent the mattress kind of leg slamming!

Isaac tended to do this when semi-conscious, usually in a milk-drunk state at the most unsociable hours. He had been doing this since he was a month old but got more proficient (and violent!) once his core muscles got stronger. Though it didn’t seem to bother him, the sound of the thump on the ‘co-sleeper’ cot was always enough to startle us to check he was OK. After all, it literally sounded like he could break his legs!

As with many things I took to Google to see why Isaac might be leg slamming. I failed to find even a shred of research but did read about many others in the same situation on forums. From what I have read it seems this behaviour peaks at around 6 months and occurs more often in boys. It is apparently a ‘self-soothing’ behaviour. Babies engage in leg slamming to soothe themselves back to sleep – preferable to screaming his head off I guess!

Face and head rubbing

Another of Isaac’s night time quirks before 6 months was his incessant rubbing. We had to put scratch mittens on him every night or he’d wake looking like a cat had jumped through the window and scratched him to pieces! Just like the leg slamming, Isaac seemed to rub his face and head (with force) in order to soothe himself as he tried to sleep.

This one doesn’t come as such a surprise. We adults also rub our faces when we are tired, particularly our eyes. We are not always conscious of this but we can often rub our eyes so hard that they become very red and sore. As Isaac gained more control of his arms and hands he got better at directing them to his eyes rather than just rubbing everything above his shoulders! I remember my niece rubbing her ears when tired and this was also a tell-tale sign that it was time to get Isaac to bed before a meltdown ensued!

The coy smile

My husband and I watched the series ‘Babies’ on Netflix. (If you haven’t seen it, check it out it is brilliant!) In the episode about relationships psychologists analysed baby smiles and found that at as young as 3 months babies can be self-conscious. They have some understanding of quite complex emotions. At the absolute peak of a smile the baby may try to hide his face with his hands, burrow into a parent’s arm or close their eyes and look away. This apparent ‘shyness’ is called a coy smile. At around 4 months Isaac used to do coy smiles all the time and it was super cute! The feature photo for this blog post is one such example.

From 4 months

Cough-giggles and sneeze warnings!

Isaac absolutely loves a giggle. He has been laughing now for around a month, usually during games like peek-a-boo or when seeing himself in the mirror. One thing that makes the most bizarre sound is how he laughs at himself if he coughs. It is very funny.

Just like many other babies, Isaac sneezes ALL OF THE TIME! It got to a point recently where I thought he might have a cold but no, apparently sneezing is another very common thing for young babies. The cutest part is the kind of warning gasp he does (Mr Bean style!) before he sneezes. Although this is purely a reflex we also think he is being super polite by bringing his hands up as he sneezes! Such great manners for a 7 month old!

From 6 months

Laughing at household appliances

Over the last few weeks Isaac has had us in fits of giggles over his obsession with his dad’s coffee machine. He absolutely loves the flashing lights and crazy sounds that it makes to a point that it will distract him from literally anything else (including food, which is saying something). It is interesting that other appliances that make noises can have the complete opposite effect. For example, Isaac hates the sound of the Dyson vacuum cleaner and will have a full on meltdown when I use the Breville blender (which is daily!)

Why buy toys when coffee machines provide hours of entertainment?!

Funny things aren’t they?! If you want to entertain your baby with a highly-rated coffee machine (that makes both you and your baby happier than any toy!) then check it out here!

“Interesting” sleeping positions

Since Isaac learned to roll from around 6 months, his favourite time to practise has been in bed, asleep of course! Isaac gets himself into some seriously hilarious positions (which have also been a little worrying at times, hence the BT video baby monitor coming into its own over the last month!)

One favourite nap position is shown in this photo. Isaac loves to stick his legs through the bars of his cot. However, he does get stuck and then call out for help to be rolled back around… he then inevitably gets straight back into that position as soon as we have left the room!

We used to use blankets for Isaac’s day time naps. They have now become completely redundant. Isaac very quickly kicks them off and they could end up over his face. To avoid legs getting stuck in bars (and the need to rouse yourself from a lovely dream every few hours to rescue your baby!) definitely to invest in a sleeping bag. They are worth every penny.

I recommend the Grobags from Tommee Tippee as they have passed many safety checks. Do not be tempted by cot bumpers. Yes, they may stop legs getting stuck but the impact they can have is far more sinister. They look the part but are simply unsafe for sleep.

2 fantastic must-haves for a stress-free night’s sleep!

The head shake

As Isaac got older he moved from the face rub to the head shake when falling asleep. It is so cute to watch him as he nods and shakes his head to keep himself awake as long as possible. It reminds me of how our heads bob when we fall asleep in the car (as passengers, I may add!)

This head wobble actually worried us a little so we asked Isaac’s doctor if it was normal. She confirmed it is indeed normal and just another super cute and quirky behaviour displayed by many babies.

What about your baby?

I am sure there are many more bizarre (yet normal) behaviours out there. How about your babies? Do they have any funny quirks you have noticed? Please share in the comments or message me on Instagram!