I have just started the very exciting (and messy!) weaning journey with my baby who recently turned 6 months. In this blog I will list all the items we have bought to assist the transition to solids! I hope you find it useful and please do comment if you think I have missed a trick somewhere and need to buy something else!

1. Highchair

A very important purchase is the highchair and there are so many to choose from! After much deliberation, we went for the Cosatto Noodle+ highchair which has an abundance of style and substance. It has been a wonderful choice so far, particularly as it has 7 height adjustments and can be tilted back which is great when Isaac is having his milk. Above all, it is just so cute with the avocado and egg design! An alternative option which would work well for travelling or picnics etc. is the Bumbo.

2. Weaning starter kit

To get us kick-started we decided to buy the Tommee Tippee weaning starter kit. This has been really handy. All the items are BPA free and dishwasher/microwave safe so I knew they would be easy to use. The set includes two bowls, two spoons, a sippy cup, two storage pots and a bib. In particular I am a big fan of the spoons and enjoy giving one to Isaac to play with while I (attempt to!) feed him with the other.

3. Super training cup

Although the above starter kit comes with a perfectly good cup, I was recommended the Munchkin 360 trainer cup by my sister-in-law. This is a super way to encourage babies to drink without having to clean up any spills! It works in a similar way to an open cup as the baby can sip water from all around the cup but it also has a sealed lid so water stays in if it is tipped up or dropped on the floor. Isaac hasn’t quite got the hang of drinking water yet but I always give him a try with this during every meal. The handles are also really easy for small hands to grip.

4. Suction bowls

I bought the Munchkin stay put suction bowls to ensure that Isaac couldn’t tip up his lovingly made food! These really do fix very strongly to the table or the highchair tray. They come in 3 sizes which is super for mixing baby led and traditional weaning or for different meal ‘courses’. They are also safe for the dishwasher which, let’s be honest, is a bit of a necessity when you want to stay sane while weaning!

5. Freezer storage trays

As I have been making purees in bulk, it is important to have decent storage container to freeze them ready for reheating at a later date. Many of the weaning books recommend ice cube trays which are fine, though you would need 2 or 3 ice cubes to make up a ‘portion’. I found this Nuk food cube tray with lid which has been so useful as each section is the perfect portion size. Being silicone it is also easy to pop out the puree each time and the lid helps keep any nasty bacteria away when storing. I think I’ll be buying another one of these as they do fill up quick!

6. The perfect blender

I have been so lucky with our blender as I never needed to buy one especially for weaning. For our wedding we were bought the Breville blend active family blender and smoothie maker. The smaller of the bottles are the perfect size for making purees and the blade is powerful enough to blend up even tough veg! All the components can be cleaned in the dishwasher or easily and quickly rinsed through so it is far quicker and easier to use than a typical food processor. I cannot recommend this product enough.

7. Weaning recipe books

I have bought three different weaning-specific recipe books. So far I am impressed with all of them and they all offer something different.

Firstly, I have ‘Wean in 15’ by Joe Wicks. I have followed this early on for ideas on the ‘first tastes’ of different veggies. I also like that he has based his book on his own personal experience with his little girl. ‘Weaning’ by Annabel Karmel was my next purchase. She really appears to know her stuff and has good scientific explanations for when to wean and great nutritional advice. Finally I have the highly recommended ‘What mummy makes’ by Rebecca Wilson. I like the idea of making the same food for the baby and us. I love not having to make extra meals, particularly in the evenings. There are some very exciting recipes in this book and many things I know my hubby and I will enjoy.

So far I couldn’t place one book over another as they each seem to lend something different to the weaning journey and I am often flicking through them all.

8. Lolly pop moulds

With all the hot weather we have had lately I decided to buy some lolly moulds. These 7 cell silicone ice pop moulds are super for freezing yogurts. I like that they can be easily cleaned and don’t take up much room in the freezer.

One thing I am yet to ‘get right’ is keeping baby (and the house!) clean and tidy while eating. I have taken advice to feed him just in a nappy but I am so precious about my highchair that I have decided to give the cover-all Bibado a go. These are on order now and I look forward to seeing how they work out!

I hope this list has given you a helping hand and prevented you from buying unnecessary items. I also hope you enjoy weaning your baby as much as I do!