As lockdown is now easing (and hopefully for good!) I thought I’d list some of the best memories I have of this time with my little family of 3. This list isn’t in any particular order, just a few things that have come to mind that have helped me to enjoy this time as best I could.

1. Creating our hand print picture

Our lockdown memory…

This idea stolen from Pinterest has pride of place on our hallway wall. I loved drawing around our hands (especially little Isaac’s!) and creating this very simple memory. It will be a strange yet special day when we tell Isaac all about the year he was born and when we show him how tiny his hand was!

2. Getting into baking

Although I have had a newborn throughout lockdown, having the hubby at home has meant I have also had a (little) more time! I decided to start baking more and have so far made a great banana bread, vanilla cake and lemon drizzle all with success!

3. Buying our new phones

A bit of a random one for a “memory”. However, my husband and I both bought our new Samsung Galaxy S20s with the primary aim to use their fantastic cameras to take beautiful photographs of our son. These will capture our favourite memories for many years to come!

4. Making light of a lockdown situation

We like to see the bright side of things. From watching the daily government updates since March, we found one of the only people making any sense was the amazing Professor Chris Whitty. We decided to have a Lockdown 2020 mug made with a photo of us 3 and another photo of Whitty! Why not?! It is one of our funniest memories from this time indeed and we get a great whit-tea out of it!

5. Finally seeing family

Apart from a wonderful garden catch up at my lovely sister-in-law’s brother’s house with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces (wow that’s a mouthful!) we went 4 months seeing hardly anyone. When July 4th finally came and we were allowed to stay overnight with our parents we were so thrilled. I have never appreciated something so much and this has been a massive lesson from lockdown. We had so much fun seeing both sets of Isaac’s grandparents and they made some wonderful memories with him. It was lovely for us to see them bonding so well. We were also able to finally put our feet up a little and share the load as someone else could help out with feeding or putting Isaac to bed!

6. Going on stunning countryside walks

As we were limited to just going for walks at the start of lockdown, we made the most of it. Our little family discovered so many beautiful walks right on our doorstep. We also got plenty of use out of our Infantino baby carrier which Isaac loved. When we were allowed to drive again we also travelled further afield for walks.

7. Making the most of our garden

We haven’t had much choice but to enjoy our own garden this summer and we are so grateful to have one, especially with a little one. I am so pleased that while I was pregnant last year my handy husband got to work on our bombsite garden, putting in artificial grass and opening it up – there is no way we’d have time for that now! Once friends were allowed to visit in our garden it was lovely to host again. However, we realised what a suntrap it is all day long! Our poor guests were having to sit on tatty plastic chairs holding up umbrellas to stay shaded! Therefore, last week we took the plunge and bought a huge parasol and rattan garden furniture. We have already had plenty of use out of it and absolutely love it! A worthy purchase to create more happy memories when stuck at home.

8. Watching my husband and baby bond

My Number 1 memory has been watching the bond between my husband and son grow stronger and stronger. We have been incredibly lucky that my hubby hasn’t been furloughed or lost his job but has been able to work from home throughout lockdown. With the timing of Isaac’s birth back in February, his daddy has been at home the entire time with paternity leave leading straight into lockdown. There are plenty of rubbish things about lockdown but this has been so special for us – how many other dads are able to spend this much time with their newborn?!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my list of lockdown memories! What small things have you found pleasure in during these strange times?