Now that we have a baby (and one that is starting to become mobile at that!) we also want to get loads of house things done! Typical! Although its easier said than done when your number 1 priority is getting pregnant, bear in mind that things take a lot longer and a lot more organisation when you have a little one in tow! Therefore, if you are trying to conceive or are in the early stages of pregnancy tick off those annoying jobs even if it is the last thing on your mind! In this blog I will list the jobs we got done before Isaac arrived and compare the timescales with what we have done since.

Pre-baby house achievements

Before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy we moved house and managed to get a few key rooms sorted – in no time at all! We achieved all of the following in just 9 months (between Dec 2018 and Sept 2019). To put things in perspective, our baby is now 6 months old and since his birth (besides a little sorting) we have achieved a grand total of nothing!

Moving house – 1 day with the help of removals (so pleased we did this before our baby came along – huge respect to those who manage it pregnant or with little ones about!)

Master bedroom – 1 weekend ripping apart massive wardrobe; a weekend painting ceiling and walls with 4 coats of white paint on top of a very garish blue; 1 day trip to IKEA; 1 day putting together all new flat-pack bedroom furniture.

Garden – When we moved in our garden was a complete mess. It was incredibly overgrown. We spent probably 2 weekends just getting the garden to a blank canvas with multiple dump runs of rubble sacks full of old stones and 2 green bin’s worth (thank you neighbour!) of old dead plants. My clever husband then set to work to research and put down artificial grass himself. It now looks fantastic. We can’t imagine getting the whole garden done in just one summer with a little one running about!

Guest bedroom – My hubby painted this while I was pregnant and we put together my old bedroom furniture – all in all a day’s work.

Nursery – When we moved in, our nursery was a dumping ground! It took us around a weekend to sort everything and clear the room and then a day to paint. It took a day to buy all the nursery furniture (and other baby bits) during a trip to Mothercare. Another day (once the paint smell and fumes had gone) to put together the furniture. I then (of course) whiled away hours and hours folding baby’s clothes and getting all excited for his arrival!

Achievements since baby arrived

We have managed to do a couple of little things since Isaac arrived – all the things that impact him! Our conservatory needed a good sort out. Pre-baby this may have taken a couple of hours – post-baby it took us 2 weekends. Time was snatched when baby was napping. (When I wasn’t expressing milk, sterilising or doing one of a hundred other jobs of course!) I then put together a couple of storage units and made the area into a playroom. This took a day (again working around his naps).

Still to do… and goodness knows when!

We still have a long list of DIY jobs to do (oh the joys of home ownership!) Now that Isaac is getting older the naps are less frequent and his need for entertainment is getting greater! Here are the jobs that (in hindsight) we could have squeezed in before his arrival!

Living room – our living room isn’t in too much of a state. It just needs some TLC. A lick of paint and some new flooring (probably vinyl tile and a rug – judging by the amount of baby sick on the current carpet!) is all it needs. On top of this we need to get ‘baby-proofing’. We plan to buy brackets to fit large pieces of furniture to the walls and round corner guards for the TV stand and coffee table. We also need stairgates and socket covers. Not long to go now that our little bubba is already rolling and eyeing up everything he shouldn’t touch!

Despite it being hardly any work, there are so many things to consider with a baby when doing DIY. Paint fumes and dust and relocating furniture somewhere safe are all things we wouldn’t have worried about so much before. We also need to get that childcare booked in so we can concentrate on the job – hello grandparents! I expect this job that would have taken a weekend back in the day to take 2 or 3 now.

En-suite and bathroom – Another biggie – one we really should have done before Isaac’s arrival! These were always going to be big jobs. However now we have to consider keeping the baby away from the huge amount of dust that will be created by tiling and ripping up old plasterboard. Oh the joys! I don’t even have a time-scale for this one! I joked about it being finished when Isaac starts school… and sadly I may actually be accurate!

If you are child-free at the moment make the most of your time (and money) to make any home improvements. It really is much harder when you’re bleary-eyed with tiredness, working around unpredictable nap-times and living on one income!

One good thing? You also care less when baby arrives – there is something much more exciting and rewarding to spend your time on!