Isaac has had cradle cap for some time but it doesn’t seem to bother him!

Cradle cap (or cradle crap as it is commonly known!) is a nasty looking but harmless crusty skin condition which primarily covers a baby’s scalp but can also travel elsewhere on the body. My baby has suffered quite badly from cradle cap since around 4 weeks of age and he still has it at 15 weeks, though it looks like it is finally on its way out!

I have tried all sorts to get rid of the cradle cap on Isaac’s head but don’t want to remove his tiny thin hairs with it. To start with we just left it alone but recently, on the advice of a nurse at our GP surgery, I have used some different products on it.

First, I tried Johnson’s baby oil – a great all-rounder for skin in general. However, it didn’t do the trick for Isaac’s cradle cap.

Following advice, I now use normal olive oil once a day. This is particularly effective before bath time. Apply some olive oil then use shampoo to wash it off and help loosen the flakes. We use the very gentle Aveeno baby wash for Isaac’s hair and body and follow up with Aveeno baby daily moisturising lotion. While hair is still wet (or in the bath) you can then use a very soft brush to remove any loose flakes.

I hope you have some luck removing cradle cap but don’t worry it is purely a cosmetic thing – babies are not bothered at all by it and their hair grows back fine if any does fall out in the early days.