Wow – I can’t believe has now been live for half a year! This first attempt at my own website was set up on 3rd May 2020 when my little one was just shy of 3 months old and I have really enjoyed learning how to blog. While my posts are now less frequent (as my baby is more mobile and naps FAR less!) I want to say thank you for all your continued support and encouragement. Hopefully I have been able to reach out to other new mums with my honest experiences, especially regarding issues like breastfeeding and parenting during a pandemic.

I have now published 55 blog posts of varying popularity and thought I’d share my ‘Top 5 most clicked’. Take a look if you fancy! Hopefully you will find them useful (or at the very least a little funny!)

Check out my most popular blog posts:

1. Leg slamming and other bizarre baby behaviours

It seems everyone wants to know about the strange little ways of their littlies! Whether you are truly concerned about something, want to check it ‘isn’t only you’, or just want a giggle, then this is the article is for you! It also ranks as Number 1 in Google for the search term ‘leg slamming’. My apologies to anyone who has arrived here looking for wrestling information!

2. Top 10 best baby buys of 2020 for 0-3 months

I am pleased this post has managed to reach many of you, hopefully giving some ideas for baby shower gifts or new babies in your family. I wrote this once my own baby turned 3 months old and always only review products that we actually own. Unfortunately with some bloggers this is not always the case. Perhaps this is one to check out in the lead up to Christmas?

3. Why Isaac? Choosing my baby’s name…

This one may have been clicked on mostly by friends of mine wanting to know the first bit – why Isaac? However, I am hoping the article has been and continues to be useful to anyone considering different names for their unborn babies. I love names and find looking into their meanings and origins really interesting. In this article I recommend websites to help with this.

4. Giggling babies at bedtime

A little glimpse at the signs you have a bubbly and ‘securely attached’ baby. This short and sweet blog post explains our experience of having a super hyperactive child just before bed and how, despite our concerns, this was actually a positive thing. Hopefully it provides a little reassurance to any concerned parents out there!

5. The best baby sleepwear

With a primary focus on gro-snugs and gro-bags by the Gro Company, this review article looks at our experience of baby sleepwear. It takes you through the journey from newborn right through to the toddler years and recommends the safest (and cuddliest) sleeping bags around.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading this far and a HUGE thank you for all your support over the last 6 months. I am loving sharing my insights into parenting while in all honesty still being a complete beginner myself! Watch this space for upcoming articles to include: Best baby buys for 6-9 months, our baby-proofing experience and more on pandemic parenting!

Happy half-birthday mumstar!