Nursing? Bottle-feeding? Baby napping in your arms? Tired of baby sensory videos on repeat? 30 minutes to yourself? (yeah right I hear!)…

Here are my cringe-worthy yet binge-worthy recommendations on Netflix for you to watch while ‘mumming’:

Love is blind

Ironically featuring some of the most shallow-minded people in the world, this show is a social experiment pairing up singletons through a series of dates with a wall between them. In the end a few couples get engaged having never even met! They then holiday together and try living together before deciding whether or not to go ahead and get married in a few weeks time. With flirty exchanges and alter-jiltings this is a programme which will get you hooked – even if you do respect the sanctity of marriage!

Yummy mummies

Ultra-rich, ultra glam (the opposite of me on both counts) new Aussie mums show off their flamboyant lifestyle, get jealous of who has the better ‘push present’ (erm what’s that and where’s mine?!) and generally make viewers scream at the TV but keep watching!

Back with the ex

Another Aussie show which pays for ex-couples to go on an amazing holiday and see if they can “reconnect” – usually after one had done the dirty on the other!

For some reason I again found myself hooked on this! (If you only have time for one of these shows though I choose ‘love is blind’ every time, just don’t expect to take it too seriously!)

Tiger King

One to watch with the hubby and I am sure you know this one already?! Just. Watch. It.

I hope this short list has given you some ideas!

I’ve been told I need to watch ‘too hot to handle’ (not surprising given the above favourites!). What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments…