Time for another ‘mum’s yum’! After it flashed up on my Instagram, I decided to make the Vanilla pound cake advertised by BBC Good Food. We were not disappointed!

I admit the presentation of the cake is a 1/10 but the taste is easily a 9! The presentation failed a little for 2 reasons:

  1. We had no parchment paper so I tried to use butter to grease the loaf tins (usually works!). Turns out I needed parchment paper! Half of the cake came out of the tin at a time so I used an icing trick to stick them together.
  2. I had no icing sugar so used granulated which I blitzed with the food processor. This ‘sort-of’ worked but I then made the rookie error of adding too much water so the icing was super runny!

Although the cake certainly could look a lot better, the icing mistake turned out to help moisten the cake. I still used it dribbled across the top and it tastes divine!

I imagine if you actually follow the recipe properly (and not make a half-arsed attempt while running up and down stairs to a nap-refusing baby) this cake would be perfect! Follow the recipe here and let me know how you get on!