I usually find lunch the most boring meal of the day. I am not a fan of sandwiches at all and I often just heat up last night’s dinner for lunch. As lockdown is already boring enough I wanted to add some excitement to the monotonous day of a new mum. So, call me ‘retro’ or ‘old-fashioned’ (or just plain ‘sad’!) but a few weeks ago during a bit of a clear out I rediscovered my old sandwich toaster and it really has changed lunchtimes for the better! Everyone loves a toastie right? I thought this little blog post might remind you of the one you have lurking at the back of your cupboard? Get it out, give it a clean and rediscover a wonderful kitchen gadget!

I used to have this cheap and cheerful sandwich toaster, which certainly did the job making some lovely egg toasties or a classic cheese and onion. However, it can be a bit of a pickle to keep clean, especially when the cheese oozes out. I also found that an average slice of bread is too big for it and needs to be cut smaller to fit properly. For the price it is fine for occasional use.

A pesto, mozzerella and tomato panini – Yum!

In a bid to cheer myself up on these lonely lockdown days I treated myself to… clothes? perfume? jewellery? No! The Breville Sandwich/Panini Press! This was well worth the money spent and my husband (who finds toasties a bit ‘meh’) has loved the fact you can also make delicious paninis with it! Just think of the price of a panini in a high-street coffee shop – you’re talking a good fiver at least! We have experimented with all sorts of fillings and it is always so easy to clean up – a simple wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done – perfect when you have a little one screaming from the next room!

So, meal times getting boring? Kids needing something new? Lazy or lacking in time? Get yourself a toastie maker!

Wow… a few years ago I never would have imagined I’d be blogging about the joy that a sandwich maker gives me! It’s the little things in life!