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Snow days with babies!

How magical is a snow day?! And they are becoming rarer and rarer too. So to wake up this morning to a blanket of snow across East Cambridgeshire was a huge delight! We wanted to share the snowy experience with our 9 month old little boy. Here are a few things we did: The window …


Favourite lockdown memories

As lockdown is now easing (and hopefully for good!) I thought I’d list some of the best memories I have of this time with my little family of 3. This list isn’t in any particular order, just a few things that have come to mind that have helped me to enjoy this time as best …


Why is breastmilk blue?!

Yes, you read that right! Breastmilk is blue! I’m not talking full-on Thomas the Tank Engine blue but more a subtle tint or hint of it in an otherwise white-ish cream. (Though that wouldn’t have made a very exciting title!) The colour stages of breastmilk Gold – Soon after (and sometimes before) baby is born …

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