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Best baby buys

The perfect nappy disposal solution!

Perhaps nappy disposal is a strange thing to blog about but, when you’re changing them around 8-10 times a day, nappy waste can become quite the topic of conversation! Here I detail our journey towards the perfect nappy disposal solution! I’m afraid as a family we have not been perfectly environmentally-friendly as we have not …

Best baby buys

The best baby sleepwear!

A short and sweet little blog post today – a review of the wonderful sleeping bags designed by the Gro-Company. One of the things I worried about when pregnant was what to put my baby in for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. Everyone seems to have different ideas – blanket? swaddle? warm bodysuit? sleeping …

Best baby buys

The universal love of Sophie la girafe!

Sophie la girafe was first created in 1961 and continues to be an incredibly popular teething toy throughout Europe. Not understanding what all the fuss was about I joined the millions and bought Isaac a ‘Sophie’ before he was born. Lo and behold he loves her! There’s something about the size and shape, unusual rubber …

Best baby buys

He slept through the night!

I’m a chuffed and unashamedly smug mummy today as our baby has slept through the night at 11 weeks old! How did this happen though? More importantly, how can I keep it happening?! My thoughts are that the following contributed: A relaxing bath before bedtime (about 7pm) A proper feed rather than late night snack. …

Best baby buys

Percy Penguin – my hero!

Our baby has slept well since birth (sorry!) but we feel this is certainly in part due to his sleeping pal, Percy. Created by the Gro-Company, Percy and a range of other animals have been designed to aid sleep by peacefully playing lullabies, white noise, rain sounds and even heartbeats to remind baby of life …

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