I have found one of the trickiest parts about caring for a newborn (despite the sleepless nights!) is keeping their tiny nails short and blunt. I never realised the damage a baby can do to themselves with their super sharp claws. Imagine an angry cat in a fight over milk and you have my baby when he is just a little hungry or overtired!

Isaac has scratched himself numerous times and though he doesn’t seem phased he ends up looking like he has been dragged through a bush!

I tried trimming his nails with clippers but as they are so small and quite soft it could be so easy to catch the skin of his finger that I got nervous. Scissors too seemed a little extreme at this age.

Fortunately for us we were introduced to the Thumble. Here is a very similar item on Amazon. This revolutionary nail file has made our lives so easy. You simply pop it on your own thumb and then gently run the file along baby’s fingers. It is so soft and gentle that even if you accidentally file a little skin it doesn’t hurt.

Isaac seems to really enjoy his manicures. He sits with a very chilled look on his face. It is so easy that you can do it while feeding or while baby is asleep in your arms. I probably file Isaac’s nails around once a week. Don’t get me wrong though, they still grow back razor sharp! Therefore I also make sure Isaac is wearing bodysuits with scratch mittens for bed when he is most likely to attack his gorgeous face!

I hope the wearable nail file also helps you to trim without tears!