Time for another top 10 post now that Isaac is 9 months old! Here are some of the best products we bought (or were gifted) in the last 3 months. *I also have product recommendations for newborn babies and those aged 3 to 6 , months – perfect for this time of year, with Christmas around the corner!

Check out this tried-and-tested review of products for 6-9 months!

Baby’s first washable paints by Crayola

Isaac has loved creating his first “paintings” using these paints and I have loved the easy clean-up afterwards! I know he is safe as these are made with non-toxic materials and even if ingested would not cause harm. I stick him in his Bibadoo and we’re off – 5 minute clean up MAX! Babies love the feel of paint on their hands and it is a great sensory experience, while introducing them to the primary colours.

Fisher price laugh and learn piano toy

Isaac’s grandparents bought him this piano toy when he was 6 months old and it has been a hit ever since! He loves to choose the modes for himself and it is so easy for even little fingers to manipulate. The light up function is an added bonus for my moth-like child!

Noisy books (e.g. noisy farm)

One of Isaac’s baby friends had this book and (being Covid times) all Isaac could do was stare at it! I immediately got home and bought him one and I am so glad I did. The farm animal sounds are realistic and there is some text about each animal to read. It is lovely to find a non-fiction book for babies as there seems to be less of these around. The buttons for making the sound are also textured with each animal’s fur, adding a further sensory and ‘real-world’ experience.

Sound puzzle

My auntie and uncle bought Isaac the fantastic Melissa and Doug sound puzzle and again, just like with the book, farm animals are a fave! This puzzle is so good for learning space and shape, while also building fine motor skills with the small pegs you use to pull out and replace the animals. The sound of the animals is not too disturbing or annoying and hours of fun can be had with this (adults and kids alike!)

Bath toys

Isaac has really started to enjoy his bath now and take notice of bath toys. We have actually put a few bath toys on his Christmas list. He loves anything that you can wind up and whizz through the water, so this scuba buddy is perfect.

Baby stack-up cups

Recommended by so many friends of ours, we decided to buy Isaac some stacking cups never expecting them to become his absolute favourite toy! For just a fiver, these cups continue to provide so much entertainment. At the moment Isaac particularly enjoys knocking down our towers and takes great delight in demolition! These are a great first building block toy before moving on to something like Megabloks at around 12 months.

Toy mobile phone

Isaac is so intrigued by our phones (and anything with buttons, like remote controls and coffee machines!) that I decided to buy him his own toy smart phone. Initially he wasn’t too fussed but now that his hands are a little bigger and he can use the buttons himself he is really enjoying it. This one plays little tunes and teaches the numbers. Isaac has even (somehow!) learned to put the phone to his ear and babble down it!

Tommee Tippee first beaker

You will most likely start weaning your baby at 6 months so a first cup is a must-have. Isaac has this pair of cups along with a Munchkin Miracle 360. So far we are having more success with the Tommee Tippee beaker, perhaps because it is free-flow and therefore a little easier to successfully get water from. Isaac will now start to have his milk from a beaker too to gradually transition him from the bottle.

Anti-slip socks/shoes

At this age babies are exploring and into literally everything. Your baby may even be crawling or cruising furniture. Isaac is beginning to shuffle about on his tummy now and also loves to stand. Because of this I wanted to make sure he had grippy socks to support him on smooth floors. Each to their own of course but I am not really a fan of baby shoes before a baby can walk. A physiotherapist also told us that it is best for a baby to have completely bare feet when learning to get around. Second best, and great for the colder months, is something like these. They provide great ankle support while also being completely flexible allowing for movement and normal development. A big win in my opinion!

Tommee Tippee Gro Bag Steppee

As you may have read in a previous article, I am a huge fan of the Tommee Tippee gro-bag range. I am now looking to move Isaac on to the ‘steppee’, as he is beginning to roam around his cot and would benefit from more freedom in the legs. I know I can trust this brand to be safe and comfortable and this is the next logical step from the Gro bag.

I hope you have found this Top 10 useful! Perhaps some Christmas gift ideas in there or otherwise some advice for the future. Many thanks for reading as always!