Now that my baby is 6 months old, I thought I’d take a look back at some of the things we have bought him (or had gifted) that have gone down a treat! This top ten will be a random mix of generally awesome baby products for babies from 3 to 6 months of age, from toys to feeding products. *If you are interested in products for newborns (0-3 months) then check out this ‘top ten’ blog post.*

This is by far the most exciting time I have had with my baby. Since 3 months he seems to be learning something new every day! He has become so interactive and interested in everything so compiling this top ten hasn’t been easy! To be honest many of the things Isaac loves are not actually toys or things we have bought him. He will do anything to get his hands on a mobile phone or TV remote and can stare at light fittings (on or off) for hours!

However, in terms of specific baby products, here is my tried-and-tested top ten list for babies aged 3-6 months (in no particular order):

Cosatto Noodle + Highchair

I fell hook, line and sinker for this highchair purely because of the super cute pattern (we went for the avocados and fried eggs!) However, my husband, the voice of reason in our relationship, prevented me from going 100% for the look of the highchair and we made sure to thoroughly research its features. Turns out it has LOADS of fantastic features that other highchairs might not. It is a mid-range price at around £95.

It can be tilted to lay almost flat and can therefore be used as a handy seat from birth. This is obviously pointless for us now but great if another little one were to come along in the future! Other features I like is that it has many height adjustable functions making it comfortable to sit or stand when feeding baby. The tray also removes and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The (gorgeously patterned!) cushion material is all very easily wipe cleaned.

If you are umming and ahhing about a highchair, I completely recommend this Cosatto one for both style and substance.

“That’s not my…” board books

It took a while but Isaac is now a huge fan of books and enjoys being read to. I think from 3 months board books really come into their own and these touchy feely ones are particularly good at exciting the senses and keeping baby interested. I love sharing these books with Isaac. So far we have the tiger one and the pirate one but there is a whole series so plenty to choose from to suit your baby’s taste!

Tumble mats

There is nothing better than foam tumble mats to keep your baby comfy as they explore! I bought Isaac just a small set of these. However the handy jigsaw design means I can easily add to them as he starts to get about more. Isaac is comfortable on these and it is certainly good for the back of his head or his tummy to have a softer surface. I look forward to using these when Isaac is sitting up by himself and exploring his toys more independently.

Plastic links toy

These are so simple yet make such a fab toy for little fingers. A friend recommended these to me so Isaac could practise passing something small between his hands and have something easy to chew on. They are also so versatile as can be used to attach other toys to pushchairs and car seats. Wherever we go we have a handful of links with us and Isaac never tires of their bumpy texture and bright colours. Cheap and cheerful works a treat with a 6 month old!

Munchkin miracle 360 sipping cup

This one has only just made it into the 3-6 month top ten as technically it isn’t used until a baby is 6 months and drinking water. However, I have bought one early for Isaac to get used to handling it before he begins having water with his mealtimes. I remember my nieces always having one and always drinking plenty of water. Further reading of reviews shows that this really is a non-spill cup. It is so clever at releasing water at any angle when it is sipped but keeping a tight seal when simply turned upside down (which all young kids love to do!) This cup is also great for a transition from the bottle as babies can use their sipping skills to get the water. It is also better for the teeth. A win win and definitely worthy of a top ten place!

Baby Einstein Light Bar

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I have already raved about this clever tummy time invention before! This has really encouraged Isaac to get on his tummy and he now rolls in order to see and play with it. At less than £20 this really is worth every penny. It has easy to touch buttons that light up when pressed. It also teaches colours and animals (in English, French and Spanish!) The ball in the middle plays a tune when spun with all the keys lighting up – Isaac loves this bit! Some tummy time toys can cause the back to bend a little too much but this is just the right height. It challenges baby to lift their arms without straining their backs. I’ll be buying more of these for other babies in our lives I am sure!

Nuby Icy Bite Teething Keys

We were kindly gifted these awesome teething keys by Isaac’s grandparents. They are such a Godsend now that Isaac is beginning to teethe (well we think!) These can be attached to anything – use those handy links reviewed above! When put in the fridge they maintain their cool temperature for quite a while to soothe the gums. The texture of the key part is temptingly lovely and squishy, I even had a bite of one myself! If you’re looking for the right teething friendly toy, look no further!

Activity cube

Our wonderful friends bought Isaac a fab activity cube with lots of different ‘tasks’ to complete on each side. I cannot find ours online but it is very similar to this Fisher Price one. There are a whole range of these plastic or wooden cubes for babies from 6 months of age and they really keep them entertained for ages. Portable, colourful and educational – what’s not to love?!

Leapfrog Puppy Pal Violet/Scout

I have genuinely lost count of the number of babies I have bought this toy for! It is an absolute classic for birthdays, naming days and Christenings (or just a regular spoil-your-baby Sunday!) They make such a lovely gift for any baby aged 6 to 36 months. We have just bought a ‘Scout’ for Isaac.

What I love most about these (besides the bargain price of £20) is that they can be easily personalised to say your child’s name and some of their favourite things. As a baby begins to recognise their own name at around 6 months, this makes a perfect teaching tool. The cuddly ‘pal’ also sings, tells jokes and has lullaby music for bedtime. It is one of those rare toys that isn’t whiny or overly noisy so it doesn’t make you want to rip out the batteries! Instead it has quite a soothing and calm voice and two volume settings – phew!

Baby paddling pool

A must have cooling off item is a paddling pool! I love this one because it has a shade (though of course this is no substitute for proper shade so ensure you avoid peak sunny times). Isaac has loved having a splash about in his paddling pool. No thanks to Covid19, he has missed out on having swimming lessons so for now this is a good substitute. Most paddling pools are for babies aged 1 and up so take my recommendation with care and obviously supervise your little one and don’t play in one for too long!

That’s it for my latest top ten! I hope you have found it useful for gift ideas or must-have products for your 3-6+ month old babies!