Perhaps nappy disposal is a strange thing to blog about but, when you’re changing them around 8-10 times a day, nappy waste can become quite the topic of conversation! Here I detail our journey towards the perfect nappy disposal solution!

I’m afraid as a family we have not been perfectly environmentally-friendly as we have not been using reusable nappies. However, when budget allows, we do try to use disposable Kit and Kin nappies which are made from sustainable materials to help end our dependency on non-renewable resources.

Easy nappy disposal

The biggest issue with disposable nappies is disposing of them! When changing Isaac in our lounge I tend to use a nappy bag or otherwise just wrap the nappy up and throw it straight in the kitchen waste (often depending on the smell!) However, with his nursery on the top floor of our 3 storey house we decided it would be super handy to have a nappy bin in his room. We certainly don’t regret this choice!

We bought the Tommee Tippee Click and Twist Nappy Disposal Unit starter pack -which came with 6 cartridges of plastic for wrapping the nappies. The bin holds around 40 nappies so we tend to change it twice a week. The cartridges last up to a month each and are so easy to use. Another bonus is that the bin clicks shut well and holds in any smells. I would 100% recommend buying this nappy bin!

More affordable, slightly more environmentally-friendly and just as easy nappy disposal!

One thing we found with the Tommee Tippee cartridge refills is that they can get super expensive – especially as we were getting through at least one a month. It is also a poor solution for the environment given that cartridges cannot be reused and end up in landfill.

As we still loved the ease of nappy disposal in this way, we searched for a solution to make it more cost-effective and a little better for the environment. We found it! We purchased an ECO liner that is compatible with most nappy bins. It simply uses one existing cartridge over and over again. It is far more cost effective, as a reel of this plastic costs less than £20 and should last as long as 20 Tommee Tippee sangenic refill cartridges which are around £5 each! The ECO liner is so easy to use, has a pleasant scent and does exactly the job of the cartridges at a tiny fraction of the cost! An absolute steal that we just had to share!

This is also better for the environment (though obviously not as good as using reusable nappies) as you only need one cartridge to top up with plastic over and over again.

I hope this helps out anyone looking to do their bit for the world, while keeping the chore of nappy disposal as easy and cost-effective as they can!