We live in a 3 storey house and, while blessed with space, this can have downsides including running up and down the stairs constantly to change nappies! I was pregnant for what felt like forever and in the 42nd week I was desperately bored! I decided to use my time to create a little nappy changing basket in my lounge.

It was so easy to do as I already had the basket! It also means our lounge still looks (on the whole!) fairly grown up. All of Isaac’s healthcare and nappy needs are discreetly stowed away.

Nappy basket contents

In our basket we have:

We were very fortunate to be gifted a Fortnum and Mason hamper one Christmas so we use this. What a privileged baby! However, any basket would do and you can find some lovely ones on Amazon.

I hope this gives you a handy solution to making nappy changing easy on all floors of your house while ensuring it is not entirely taken up by baby crap (literally!)