He slept through the night!

I’m a chuffed and unashamedly smug mummy today as our baby has slept through the night at 11 weeks old!

How did this happen though? More importantly, how can I keep it happening?!

My thoughts are that the following contributed:

  1. A relaxing bath before bedtime (about 7pm)
  2. A proper feed rather than late night snack. Isaac had 140ml just before bedtime and a good burping to follow!
  3. Dim lighting and the ‘white noise’ from Percy the Penguin – a highly recommended sleep saviour!
  4. The comfort of a 1 Tog 0-6 month gro-bag, in our case ‘Bennie the Bear

While I can’t be sure this is what did it, our calm bedtime routine usually helps him settle nicely. I would also usually read a story but last night Isaac was too zonked even for that!

Isaac has really improved with his self-soothing. He often wakes and has a little grumble at about 2am but now I can usually just touch his face and calmly tell him “its not quite time for milk, try and have a little more sleep” and it works! Of course, I wouldn’t ignore him if he were actually screaming!

Is this lovely night’s sleep a one-off? Quite possibly! I’ll have to watch this space…

In the meantime I would love to hear from other parents regarding your own experiences or bedtime strategies for a good night’s sleep. Please comment below!

One thought on “He slept through the night!”

  1. Hi Leah,
    So, after four babies (last one 20 years ago!) I will say that each one of mine were all unique in their sleep patterns. We pretty much had the same routines for all, nothing in the environment had changed dramatically etc but two did not sleep though the night for what felt like years and the other two were great. Now as adults, the first two are still quite nocturnal and I think maybe it’s how they are programmed. Maybe in that early developmental stage within the womb and when you think back, if you have time, to when they moved most etc maybe you can tell from that whether they will be good sleepers or not.
    What I will say is that whatever style they choose, to manage this lack of sleep deprivation for all new mums is one of the biggest shocks you will have. Forget making any important decisions, or even little decisions! Don’t be alarmed if you’re once sparky brain can’t even decide whether it wants a tea or a coffee ! Be prepared to just take one day at a time and feel proud of yourself that even the smallest things you manage to do in those early days, like washing your hair, is a huge achievement. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if your baby is not doing what the baby down the road is doing! They all get there in the end and it’s not because you’re not good at what you’re doing. As Leah says: All mums are stars!

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