I’m a chuffed and unashamedly smug mummy today as our baby has slept through the night at 11 weeks old!

How did this happen though? More importantly, how can I keep it happening?!

My thoughts are that the following contributed:

  1. A relaxing bath before bedtime (about 7pm)
  2. A proper feed rather than late night snack. Isaac had 140ml just before bedtime and a good burping to follow!
  3. Dim lighting and the ‘white noise’ from Percy the Penguin – a highly recommended sleep saviour!
  4. The comfort of a 1 Tog 0-6 month gro-bag, in our case ‘Bennie the Bear

While I can’t be sure this is what did it, our calm bedtime routine usually helps him settle nicely. I would also usually read a story but last night Isaac was too zonked even for that!

Isaac has really improved with his self-soothing. He often wakes and has a little grumble at about 2am but now I can usually just touch his face and calmly tell him “its not quite time for milk, try and have a little more sleep” and it works! Of course, I wouldn’t ignore him if he were actually screaming!

Is this lovely night’s sleep a one-off? Quite possibly! I’ll have to watch this space…

In the meantime I would love to hear from other parents regarding your own experiences or bedtime strategies for a good night’s sleep. Please comment below!