It is hot hot hot this week and time to ensure our little ones are comfortable and protected from the heat and sun. Temperatures of 35+ would often shut us inside. However with restrictions on meeting small groups inside we are more likely to be out in the hot weather in order to achieve (some) social sanity!

Last week I met with my lovely NCT group and the babies and we got on to the subject of sunshades. Many of us had some sort of contraption fixed to our pushchairs to shield the babies. There are so many options now beyond the traditional parasol. Therefore I decided to review the many options following feedback from friends as well as from Internet searches.

Buggy parasol/umbrella

Firstly the traditional umbrella. These really look the part. They are so pretty often donning frills or a scalloped edge, they look lovely on pushchairs. They are particularly useful at providing shade once the baby is in the seated position beyond 6 months. Nowadays these parasols tend to be clip-on and have a bendy handle meaning they can be manipulated to block the sun in all directions. One downside to the buggy umbrella is that it can blow about in the wind or even just on a breezy day.

Sunshade canopy

Aware of the annoyance of a windy day I bought a ‘universal’ canopy by ‘Zamboo’. From reviews and the description it looked like this piece of fabric (which has an elastic strap around the carrycot and tie straps on the pushchair handle) would work wherever the sun was in the sky. However, I am either doing something wrong or this is simply not the case! I tend to be able to position it over Isaac’s face which is a good thing but much of his body would still be exposed to the sun on a hot day when using the carrycot completely open. It is also less enjoyable for both of us as we can’t see each other when it is on. It is certainly a handy size though, a good price for what it does, and it is more practical on windy days.

Buggy buddy

Another friend bought the ‘buggy buddy’ which is a handy circular clip-on shade which folds down to nearly nothing. This simply clips on the buggy canopy and, like the umbrellas, can be bent into position for optimum shade. The other benefit to this clip-on shade is that it can also be used on the back window of a car so it really is multi-purpose for less than a tenner! The only downside I can see though is that it may only shade a portion of the pushchair – great for keeping the sun out of eyes but not necessarily good at shielding the whole body.

I am sure there are more but I hope these give you some useful suggestions for shading your baby during sunny walks. Remember, though it can be tempting, do not use a muslin to cover up the baby. These are not designed for shading and have been reported to turn the carrycot into a ‘furnace’ causing temperatures to rise to dangerous levels within the pram.

Anything I am missing? What do you do to keep your baby cool and happy? Please let me know by commenting below!