In these incredibly difficult and dangerous Covid-19 times every front line worker deserves our applause and huge respect. This includes the unbelievable everyday heroes that are midwives!

I had an easy pregnancy, a lovely pregnancy, and didn’t need much support from community midwives (though every one I saw at antenatal check-ups was lovely). My true understanding of how amazing midwives are came during my 29 hour labour where I came across at least 5 different wonderful women!

I thought I’d make this post a little ‘shout out’ to them. Here are some of the attributes all my midwives at The Rosie, Addenbrookes had:

  • Despite long shifts they never seemed tired and gave the same level of care throughout night and day
  • They included my husband brilliantly and kept him involved as a birth partner
  • They had a fantastic sense of humour and were the absolute queens of small talk to help distract me from labour pain
  • They literally give no reaction at all to the blood and guts that were falling out!
  • They’d tell me I was ‘very quiet and dignified’ in labour even when I thought I was screaming the place down!
  • They made the personal effort to visit me and baby when not even on shift

I built such a bond with each midwife (2 in particular, Alice and Imogen) that I really felt I had a new best friend during the entire labour process!

So thank you midwives for everything you do, we are truly blessed to have you!

What was your labour experience like? Were you as fortunate as me? Comment below!